in photos: ugly

in real life: ugly

It’s amazing how much damage can be done when you have nothing but good intentions.

Ryan and Seth only hug twice throughout the shows four season run. The first was in the Pilot and the second was in the series finale.


shout out to everyone who lives in a country where nobody gives a shit about halloween


Favourite Scene → Dumbledore vs Voldemort 
"Another jet of green light flew from behind the silver shield. This time it was a one armed centaur, galloping in front of Dumbledore, that took the blast and shattered into a hundred pieces, but before the fragments had even hit the floor, Dumbledore had drawn back his wand and waved it as though brandishing a whip. A long thin flame flew form the tip; it wrapped itself around Voldemort, shield and all. For a moment, it seemed Dumbledore had won, but then the fiery rope became a serpent, which relinquished its hold on Voldemort at once and turned, hissing furiously, to face Dumbledore."


I want to talk to you but my face